Committed to providing an outstanding product and long-term satisfaction, Ingham Painting Incorporated offers experienced painters and the best products, tools, and equipment to paint your home or business.




How soon can the job be started?

Ingham Painting employs professional full time painters. Depending on the time of year, backlogs vary; however, we are able to accommodate most timeframes. Work is usually performed during a normal work week Monday through Friday. No job can be started without a signed contract.

How long do the jobs normally take to complete?

Once Ingham Painting begins work on your job, a crew will be there on consecutive days until your job is completed. Crew sizes and product drying times will determine how long each project takes to complete. Most jobs can be completed in a few days and some smaller jobs in just one day.

What effect does weather have on painting?

Really no effect. This is because Ingham Painting will paint only on days that are suitable for painting. Your job is fully warranted, and we will not do any painting in conditions that may jeopardize this warranty.

What should we as homeowners do before the painting is started?

It is a good idea to provide sufficient access to all areas of your home being painted. This includes trimming plants and shrubs, moving potted plants, patio furniture, tools, etc. On interiors, you should take down all wall hangings, window coverings, knickknacks, and you should clean out any entertainment centers, hutches, or bookcases. By providing clear access for our crew, you will allow Ingham Painting to do a more complete job. This also makes the job site a safer work environment. If you need help with heavy or high items, please ask. Also, you should make arrangements to have any pets looked after during the job.

Does someone have to be home during the painting process?

Not necessarily, but we do recommend it. We prefer that you watch our work progress so we may answer any questions. We do require access to electricity and water. All doors will need to be open during painting process and left open 3 to 5 hours for paint to dry properly. If you are unable to be at home, we can make special arrangements for you.

What can I expect at the completion of the job in regards to clean up?

Leaving a job site clean is very important to all of us at Ingham Painting. All materials used during the job will be removed. Paint scrapings and dust will be swept from walkways, driveways, and decks, and interiors will be vacuumed. Any spills will be cleaned thoroughly. Our goal is to leave your home looking new.

What paint products does Ingham Painting use?

All products used by Ingham Painting are of top quality. We use products from major manufacturers like Benjamin Moore, Frazee, and Sherwin Williams. We use many products from many companies because each job is different. This way we are able to provide the best products for your job.

How is the payment handled?

Ingham Painting requires payment in full upon completion of the job. We do not normally bill you. Personal checks are fine. We also accept cash, Visa, and MasterCard.

How long do jobs last and what is your warranty?

As we finish your job, we ask you to take a walk around your home with our foreman to take care of any touch ups required. On exteriors, we have found an average paint job to last around 10 to 12 years. Interiors vary depending on how you take care of your home. Ingham Painting does warranty all work for 6 years. We have a full-time warranty department should you have any problems.

What should I do if I have a complaint?

If you have any problems with your job or with any of our employees, please let us know. We want you to be 100% satisfied with Ingham Painting. Remember: your finished job is a reflection of our company, and we want your home to look like it was our home.


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