Committed to providing an outstanding product and long-term satisfaction, Ingham Painting Incorporated offers experienced painters and the best products, tools, and equipment to paint your home or business.





Seeking to excel as a leader in our industry, Ingham Painting hires the finest professionals in the business. We are interested in task skills; taking instruction, proper equipment maintenance, meeting and exceeding craft standards, etc. and behavior skills; a focused and positive attitude, effective communication, and task management.

Our employees maintain a polite, courteous, and professional attitude in dealing with customers and each other. Hard work, efficiency, and attention to detail are traits that Ingham Painting is known for. Members of our organization are willing to work on continuous improvement in both the task and behavior skill areas. Ingham Painting employees have the opportunity for serious career enrichment and development.

Each employee must be drug free and have no outstanding criminal record. Applicants will go through a thorough screening process which may include a phone interview, written test, skill test (in the shop), and a final interview. Most important is the attitude of the employee.


Ingham Painting
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Arroyo Grande
CA 93421

Office (805) 481-5127
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License #511707

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